Medical Device
Innovation That Matters

We invent and develop modular AI based medical solutions with cutting edge signal processing and AI technologies aimed at impacting patients lives

We Manufacture Ground Breaking AI Technologies That Redefine Healthcare.

Software and Technology

Security You Can Trust

With our AI technology experts we take your data security seriously. we strive to bring you a trusted and secure AI infrastructure that you can rely on.

Software And Technology


Cutting edge research of algorithms to assess for the presence of cardiac diseases and aid in diagnosis.


Advanced hardware and software development of modular system and algorithms to provide an AI driven point of care product.

Regulatory and Quality

Ensuring commitment to quality and regulatory compliance while keeping up with advancements in digital health.


Partnering with other medical and technology providers to manufacture point of care devices and software.

AI Technology

Using state of the art AI software and technology to help drive your medical device.


Logistics of hardware components and management of software infrastructure to deliver a safe, secure, and reliable product.

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